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We shine through details


Standard Cleaning

Keep your already clean home shining with our reocurring standard cleanings.

Thorough Cleaning

Give your home that extra care and attention you know it deserves!


Feel like your home need a refreshing new look? We offer redecoration, home staging and reorganizing services

Move In/Out

Let us make sure your old home receives that final touch, and your new home is perfectly clean and shining for you!

Customized Cleaning

Need a more detailed or specific cleaning? We have an hourly rate service designed for it.


I can personally attest to both the  capabilities and character of Raphael and Leona. Raphael, came to my apartment for years, and dealt with barking dogs, a tantrumy baby, me being me, and worse... me on the phone with my mom! ;) Not only did he weather all of that chaos, but he did so with such a gentle kindness and easygoing attitude. I'm SURE he drank at least one bottle of red when he got back to his place each night... But he truly made my home sparkle and became a great friend. He actually knew I was pregnant with Ella before anyone else did, talk about trustworthy! He made my house a home. I never felt worried about stepping out while he was there and he was always professional. The best part is, he has a background in design, so not only did he clean my place, but Ella's stuffed animals were always in a new arrangement and my picture frames and throw pillows looked like they could be on the cover of a magazine. I miss that attention to detail. Both Raphael and Leona are true gems!

- Marisa B.

I highly recommend Splende Home Cleaning! I have been using Splende every week for over 2 years and I can't be happier with their service. First, they really CLEAN. I love the way my apartment looks and smells when they are finished. I also like the fact that they are ON TIME each and every week. The price is reasonable and fair. One more thing they are TRUSTWORTHY!

-Douglas P.

LGBTQIA+ Friendly 

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